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Hydraulic Adhesion Tester (SH755/X1003)

Hydraulic Adhesion Tester

This hydraulic pull-off type tester is fitted with a flexible hose, so that test can be performed on difficult to reach area, e.g. internal or external pipe surfaces. A dolly is cemented onto the test surface and after curing pulled-off by rotating the instrument handle.

The test force is displayed on the dial scale, from 0 to 25 MPa / 0-3500 PSI (0-250 bar).


  • Highly repeatable test
  • Dial reading with peak indicator
  • Supplied with carry case, dollies, adhesive, electric cleaning tool


ASTM D 4541
BS EN 24624
ISO 4624

Discontinued product:

SH755/1/Xa001, SH755/X1003

Succeeded by TQCSHEEN PosiTest Adhesion Testers


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