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Cupping Tester (SH760N)

760N Cupping Tester - elasticity and cupping resistance

The Sheen Cupping Tester is an instrument to efficiently assess the elasticity and cupping resistance of various coatings. With a new highly functional geared design for linear force transmission it is designed to aid user friendly testing.

A sample panel (max 1.25 mm thick x 6” x 4”) with a minimum coating thickness 0.3 mm, is clamped by an upper wheel and manually cupped by 20 mm circumference hemispherical indenter onto a 27 mm circumference die by a drive wheel.

The depth to cause failure is indicated very accurately on a digital display, from 0 – 20 mm, in increments of 0.01 mm. An illuminated magnifier provides easy visual inspection.


  • Precision Gearbox provides linear force transmission
  • Two handled crank for ease of operation
  • 14 crank revolutions = 1 mm ball travel
  • Magnetically retained 20 mm Chrome Steel Ball
  • LCD display with zero, 20.00 to 2 decimal places.
  • Resolution : 0.001mm , Accuracy +/- 0.005 mm.


BS EN ISO 1520


Discontinued product:


Product is succeeded by TQCSHEEN Manual Cupping Tester & TQCSHEEN Automatic Cupping Tester

Cupping Tester - cupping testing


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