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Cross Hatch Cutter (SH750)

Cross Hatch Cutter

The “Cross Hatch” test has been used widely in various forms in order to assess the adhesion of paint coatings.

The Cross Hatch Cutter is for assessing the resistance of paint coatings to separation from substrates when a right angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate, it can also be viewed for adhesion between coating layers.

There are two ways to assess performance, as a Pass/Fail test or graded as described below.

Suitable for coatings applied onto flat surfaces and a thickness up to 250 microns.

A high precision machined wheel presenting 6 or 11 cutting blades with various spacing is mounted in a handle. The test
is carried out by performing one sets of (6 or 11 dependant on cutter selected) followed by another set of cuts at right angles to the first set.

The obtained lattice is either brushed or cleared by applying and removing adhesive tape. The results are then classified with reference to standard scales (see below for National Standards)


  • 8 cuttings edges for long tool life
  • Comfortable hard wood handle
  • 5 tool sizes available
  • SH750/2 (This cutter will produce a lattice of 100 squares, lending itself to a % rating)

Product consists

  • Cross Hatch Cutter handle
  • Case
  • Instructions

Cross Hatch Cutter Kit (SH750/CK)

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Tape (25mm wide)
  • Brush
  • Magnifier glass, X 2 magnification
  • Instructions

International Standards

ASTM D3002, ASTM D3359-B, AS 1580.480.4
AS 3894.9, BS EN ISO 2409, ECCA T6
ISO 2409, ISO 16276-2, JIS 5600-5.6
NF T30-038


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SKU Name Add to quote
SH750/1 Cross Hatch Cutter – 1mm x 6 teeth
SH750/2 Cross Hatch Cutter – 1mm x 11 teeth Coating thickness 0-60μm
SH750/3 Cross Hatch Cutter – 1.5mm x 6 teeth Coating thickness 0-60μm
SH750/4 Cross Hatch Cutter – 2mm x 6 teeth. Coating thickness 61-120µm)
SH750/5 Cross Hatch Cutter – 3mm x 6 teeth Coating thickness 121-250μm
SH750/CK Cross Hatch Cutter Kit - Brush, Magnifier, Tape & Carry case (Special price if purchased with cutter)
SH750501/P Reel Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape (25mm wide)
SH751/1 Cross hatch Cutter Head 1mm x 6 teeth
SH751/2 Cross Hatch Cutter Head 1mm x 11 teeth
SH751/3 Cross Hatch Cutter Head 1,5 x 6 teeth
SH751/4 Cross Hatch Cutter Head 2mm x 6 teeth
SH751/5 Cross Hatch Cutter Head 3mm x 6 teeth


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