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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings




Spectromatch Gloss (SH281, SH282
Minigloss 60° Glossmeter (SH101N)
Bench Microgloss (SH157)
Tri-Glossmaster 20°, 60° and 80° Multi-angle Glossmeter (260C)
Tri-Glossmaster 20°, 60° and 80° Multi-angle Glossmeter + Thickness gauge (260T)
Glossmaster 20° Single Angle Glossmeter (SH261)
Glossmaster 60° Single Angle Glossmeter (SH221)
Glossmaster 85° Single Angle Glossmeter (SH263)
Colour Assessment Cabinets (SHCAC)

Physical Testing

Hiding Power Charts (SH301)
Pressure Density Cup (SH1510)
Specific Gravity Cups (SH1501, SH1503)
Fineness of Grind Gauges (SH501)
MiniTest 650
Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester (SH903)
Taber Abraser (SH5135, SH5155)
Automatic Film Applicators (SH1132N, SH1133N, SH1137, SHBG2121, SHBG2122)
(Including: Bar, Bird, Cube, 3/6 Chamber Cube, Four Sided, Multifilm, Adjustable, Wire Bar Coaters, Impression Beds, Sag Index, Levelling and Sagging Tester Applicators)

Scratch Testers (SH705, SH706)
Drying Time Recorder (SHBK3)
Drying Time Recorders (SHBK3, SHBK6, SHBK10)
Pneumatic Panel Sprayers (SH4500N, SH4700N, SH4800N)
Sheen-Opac (SH310)
Tubular Impact Testers (SH806, SH807)
Surtronic Duo - 9 Parameters


Flow Cups
Digital Krebs Viscometer (SH480)
Digital Rotothinner (SH455N)
Cone and Plate Viscometer (SHCP1)

Calibration Oils - Safety details (SH442)
- SH442 (1-3)
- SH442 (4-20)
- SH442 (21)
- SH442 (22, 24)
Calibration Oils - Safety details (SH443)
- SH443 (S6, S6S, C6)
- SH443 (S60, N35)
- SH443 (S20)
- SH443 (S3, D5, D10, N10, N14)
- SH443 (D500, D1000, N1000, D2500, N2500, D5000, D7500, N100, N100S, 100HT, C100, 140, 250, N350, C350, N415, 750, N1400, N15000)
- SH443 (N4000, N5100, N10200, N18000, S30000, N37000)
- SH443 (N1.0)
- SH443 (N.4)
- SH443 (N.8)


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