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Automatic Film Applicators

The Film Applicators offer a reliable and repeatable method for applying samples of paints, inks, varnishes, adhesives and other materials that require a defined film thickness evenly spread over flat surfaces.

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Consistency of application

Inconsistency arises when Film Applicators are used by hand to apply coating materials. Variations occur that impact on
the consistency of film thickness, colour and covering power. The advantage of the Automatic Film Applications is that they always offer the same conditions of application such as speed of application (this can be varied to achieve optimum results), applied pressure to the sample and flatness. These conditions combined with a set Bar Applicator gap and geometry offer best practice to obtain perfectly reproducible samples.

Scope of testing

The coating properties that can be determined when using the Automatic Film Applicators and associated Applicator Bars include: wettability, wet film thickness, dry film thickness, levelling, sagging, opacity and colour.

Features (all models)

  • Standard wire bar coater attachment
  • Carriage drive-bar for use with most all types of film applicators
  • Constant applied downward force for Wire Bars
  • 3 models equipped with adjustable film application speeds, 50 to 500 mm/sec, (10mm/s increments)
  • 1 model, offers two speeds, 10 or 25 mm /sec
  • Soft touch keyboards with large LED display (SH2121 & 2122 models have LED status indicator)
  • 2 or 4 carriage speed pre-selections allow custom speed memory
  • Countdown timer for carriage speeds >200mm/sec. (SHSH1132N, SH1133N & SH1137)
  • Adjustable set start position (SH2121 & SH2122 models)

International standards

These types of instruments are referred in ASTM D 823 Practice C.

Four models available

We offer four Automatic Film Applicators, the specifications for each instrument is described under each model reference number, also a range of suitable Film Applicators are specified.

SH1132N Automatic Film Applicator

This version is equipped with glass bed, test sample panels (substrate) are secured by a spring loaded clip. The instrument is designed for both Wire Bar Coaters and Bar Applicators, suitable Hiding Power Charts are listed below.

Automatic Film ApplicatorSH1133N Automatic Film Applicator

Similar in appearance and specification to the SH1132N, but this version is fitted with a vacuum bed in place of the glass plate, there are two vacuum zones provided to accommodate A3 & A4 formats, the vacuum bed offers the advantage of securing the samples flat.

SH1137 Automatic Film Applicator

Automatic Film Applicator

A smaller instrument, fitted with a high quality rubber mat and a clip to secure test samples, the drawdown direction goes away from the operator. View shows a SH1137 Automatic Film Applicator with Hiding Power chart in position (Not included)

SHBG2121 & SHBG2122 Automatic Film Applicator

A smaller instrument, fitted with a high quality rubber mat and The smallest format in the range, two versions are available, either supplied with a glass or a vacuum plate, (Requires an external vacuum pump, either customer supply or can be ordered separately see below) also there is the option to specify both versions for the one instrument (See “Ordering references” SHBG2121 or SHBG2122 Film Applicator” below)

This instrument can be used for the application in accordance with ISO 11998, whereby the requirement is to apply a coating film at 10 mm/sec.

The start and stop positions are adjustable to enable the user to accommodate different size charts, a drip tray is provided to catch any excess fluids.


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